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Elicyon is a multi-award-winning luxury interior design studio with a vision to create ‘exquisite interior couture’. Our ethos is to create tailored environments that capture the spirit of our clients, with stories of the property’s history and setting woven through the design. We merge the fluid beauty of interior design with the rigour of an architectural practise, creating detailed, layered and distinctive design.


What differentiates you from other interior designers?

Storytelling lays at the heart of what we do. We initiate each project by researching the history of the property, as well as it’s surrounding areas. We invest a lot of time in getting to know our clients, their passion, and pastimes. By marrying these findings into the schemes, our interiors tell a narrative particular to that property and its owner, which makes them highly individual and characterful.


What is your interior design philosophy?

We don’t have a house style that we simply stamp across our projects, our aesthetic is all about our clients and it is tailored to their personal needs and interests. While creativity is at the heart of our work, everything we do is driven by a thorough process and methodology. We carefully consider all aspects of a project from the internal structure of a property to the very personal lifestyle characteristics of the client. We pride ourselves on the unsurpassable service that we offer and the strong collaborative relationships that we build with our clients.


How would you describe a beautifully designed space?

Storytelling is a fundamental aspect to the Elicyon design process, and we strongly believe that the narratives that we create in the early stages of a project add layers and depth to our design. We take inspiration from the location, surroundings, history and heritage of a space and our findings form part of our design process. This results in bold spaces with character and personality which have meaning to our clients.


Why are the materials that you use so important?

Materials really bring an interior to life – each layer of material adds depth and a pure element of luxury of a space. At Elicyon we are strong believers that ‘contrast’ is what truly ties a scheme together. Blending soft finishes with raw textures, mild neutrals with bold accents, new pieces with heritage and antiques. Diversity on all levels is what makes an interesting space, one that feels harmonious and balanced.


What are your favourite design trends currently?

Material honesty is the idea that a substance should be itself in its pure form rather than re-worked to mimic something else. We are seeing this return to interiors in the form of untreated timbers, unpolished stones, raw textures and undyed natural fabrics. Blended in with our otherwise refined material selection, these coarse finishes and textures add contrast and definition to our schemes


How do you use metallic finishes and textures in your designs?

Metals are a hugely impactful feature in Elicyon’s design work. For many of our client’s metals add the final layer of luxury to a project.  At Elicyon we’re not afraid of mixing metals, from rich Antique Bronzes offset by fresh polished Nickel.  We’re also huge fans of liquid metal.


How important is lighting in your projects?

Lighting is a critical part of achieving our vision of creating exquisite interior couture. Luxury is ultimately about an approach and attention to detail, and with regards to lighting this means creating an ambience for the room which is both beautiful and practical.


Why is the finish of the architectural lighting in your design so crucial?

The lighting of a space is pivotal to how we experience interiors. The correct fittings and light levels can transform a space from cold and uncomfortable to warm, inviting and beautiful. Lighting can also create drama and emotion and is an excellent tool to highlight features such as art and specialist finishes.


Do you think that finishing architectural lighting is often overlooked?

Designers often put a lot of effort into the decorative lighting. We are great believers in that the same amount of thinking, detailing and selection should go into the architectural lighting. In some instanced concealed lighting that blends in with the architectural detailing works beautifully and in some cases we like creating a feature out of the lighting in which case we might go for a more industrial look.


What is your favourite metal finish you love using in your designs and why?

We love mixing metals in our projects and often blend finishes such as antique brass and bronze. Out of PHOS’s excellent selection, one of our current favourites is the Mocha Bronze which is elegant and toned down yet stands out as a contrast to our interiors.


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