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Studio Ashby is a London-based interior design studio, founded by Sophie Ashby in 2014. We are a dynamic group of twelve experienced designers, working across residential and commercial interior design and creative direction in the UK, Europe and further afield.


What differentiates you from other interior designers?

We pride ourselves on our positive, professional and personal approach in all that we do. We work efficiently and collaboratively to bring integrity and soul to interior life.


What is your interior design philosophy?

We are driven by beauty, discovery and the potential for telling stories with interior design. We find beauty in existing elements, art, natural light, materials, antique furniture. We discover ways to complement and enhance the beauty of individual items by working directly with craftspeople and ateliers to develop specific materials or pieces that create a layered environment. We find energy in this process of collaboration, using the expertise and skill of different sources to create things that feel unique. 


How would you describe a beautifully designed space?

I always try to build rooms around works of art and meaningful objects, so each room is incredibly personal.   Studio Ashby’s style is eclectic, layered, colourful and homely.  Art is the central theme, which when surrounded by books, beautiful objects, antique furniture and beautiful textures comes together to create a real and authentic sense of home, the feeling that the owner has just walked out the room.  I believe it’s the story behind the stuff that makes interiors interesting.


Why are the materials that you use so important?

We believe in the simple poetry of materials. For example, celebrating marble for what it effortlessly is; Mother Nature showing off, colours, patterns, layers of movement we could never dream of creating ourselves. Using solid oak or elm timber proudly full of knots, burrs and cracks. Our bespoke furniture pieces are intentionally refined and quiet so that they can sit next to something else that’s louder, older, brighter or shinier. We play with the balance of opposites, statement marble next to warm wood, perfect acrylic next to furry mohair, and cold, strong steel next to sheepskin. It’s this balancing act and unexpected playfulness with materials that creates an emotive aesthetic.


What are your favourite design trends currently?

We try to ignore trends because they, by definition, are transient and temporary and become dull and passé so quickly. I like to think we know what they are, but we usually try and go the other direction. We prefer to reflect the personality of the client and the context of the project in our designs.


How do you use metallic finishes and textures in your designs?

In the past we have incorporated metallic eglomise, perforated brass and pummelled pewter into our designs. We also add handles and ironmongery with metal and leather detailing, which add an unexpected and interesting touch to joinery and cabinetry.


 How important is lighting in your projects?

Good lighting can be mood enhancing. The most important thing with all lighting is that is should absolutely be dimmable. Generally, I prefer low level lighting, it’s more ambient, flattering and atmospheric. In a bedroom, I would rely on table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights rather than spot lights; a combination of vertical uplighting and downlighting.


Why is the finish of the architectural lighting in your design so crucial?

You either want to fade away and feel invisible, which a white finish can do within a white ceiling for example. Or you want it to tie in with all your other architectural finishes in a scheme e.g. brass, bronze, black.


Do you think that finishing architectural lighting is often overlooked?

 Yes I do, it’s not often something you can play around with and Ecoled let you do just that which is very exciting. 


What is your favourite metal finish you love using in your designs and why?

 I like to use a mixture of blackened steel and antiqued brass. I like the warmth of brass and the modernity of black.


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