Transforming the Original Bathrooms Showroom

Phos | Added: 01/02/24

Since its inception in 1876, Original Bathrooms has been synonymous with crafting contemporary, world-class bathrooms. Steeped in history and driven by a passion for excellence, the brand recently embarked on a remarkable journey to refurbish its Richmond showroom. The goal? To create a space that not only displays their stunning array of bathroom appliances but also does so in a manner that embodies the essence of the brand.

A New Dawn: The Introduction of Phos Lighting

The transformation journey welcomed the introduction of the multi-award-winning Phos range, renowned for offering vibrant colour rendering in miniature and highly adaptable fittings. This strategic collaboration was more than just a lighting upgrade; it was about setting the stage for Original Bathrooms' products to shine.

Crafting the Perfect Ambiance: The Lighting Ensemble

To achieve this vision, an array of sophisticated lighting products was meticulously selected:

  • Decotrack Trimless: Italian-designed and manufactured LED track enabling individual or grouped control of luminaires.
  • Maxi Occular Round Flush Track: Beautifully designed, the driver housing fits within the channel of a standard 3-circuit lighting track, providing a stunning minimalist approach to track-mounted spotlights.
  • Eyeconic Trimless Downlight: Darc Awards winner 2019. A recessed, directional downlight featuring a beautifully sculpted anti-glare baffle and trimless plaster-in frame.
  • Occular Round Pendant: Adding an element of elegance, these pendants serve as a focal point, drawing attention to key displays.

The Challenge: Flexibility and High-Colour Rendering

The brief was clear yet challenging: provide flexible lighting with high colour rendering, all within a tight timeframe. The response? With our Stucchi track, the showroom is and will remain flexible well into the future. Fittings can be moved, added, or removed easily along the extensive yet sleek lengths of trimless track. A vibrant and adaptable lighting system that not only meets immediate needs but is also future-proof, exuding sleekness and elegance.

Keeping Pace with Innovation: Client Engagement and Modular Design

A key aspect of this transformation was keeping the client involved at every step. Regular updates and a collaborative approach ensured that the vision for the showroom was a shared one. Moreover, the modularity of the Phos lighting instruments was a game-changer, granting the clients the autonomy to adjust the lights on-site. This feature promises longevity and continuous adaptability for years to come.

The Result: A Symphony of Light and Design

The revamped Original Bathrooms showroom in Richmond now stands as a testament to the power of Phos' innovative lighting in enhancing product displays. It’s more than just a showroom; it’s an experience, a journey through light and elegance, showcasing the very best of what Original Bathrooms has to offer. The colours in the space are vibrant and rich, adding value to the products and, in turn, to the client and customers alike.

Experience the transformation firsthand and witness how Phos Lights can redefine space and perception at the Original Bathrooms showroom in Richmond.


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