Conversations with Light - Part1 : LIZ WEST

Added: 15/10/19

Phos was born from the desire to celebrate and inspire people about the magical medium of light. Our aim is to encourage people to stop to consider the light around us and how it can significantly impact our emotions or experiences. Light plays a huge part in our lives yet is often overlooked. We are on a crusade to try and change this common misconception and to help advocate the art and importance of a lighting designer, within all of its beautiful mediums. Our new film, titled the ‘Power of Light’ is a visual celebration of light and was created to showcase the impact of light within all of our lives.


Our ambition is to create a collective consciousness and enthusiasm for the power that light has in the world, by developing original, thought provoking and engaging content told through some of the world’s most respected lighting designers and artists. These celebrated designer’s hold beliefs and core values that are strongly aligned with our passion of this subject. We hope that this series of interview’s will encourage people to appreciate light in a new way, bringing it to the forefront of their mind, rather than a forgotten afterthought. 


Our first conversation is with revered British artist Liz West. West creates vivid environment’s that mix luminous colour and radiant light. Her aim to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through her works. West's investigation into the relationship between colour and light is often realised through an engagement between materiality and a given site and it was our pleasure to interview her for this series….

Conversations with Light - Part1 : LIZ WEST >





Power of Light

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