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Added: 02/11/20

This year saw the world adapt from in-person meetings and brainstorming sessions to the troubled antics of stuttering Zoom calls and muted Microsoft Team discussions. It’s been a shock to us all but as we get into month 8 and close in on another potential countrywide lockdown (in the UK at least), the importance of the design community sticking together is even more apparent.

Over lockdown, we at Phos felt our passion for learning and educating could offer some form of entertainment during the forced time indoors, but when we started this journey with our new side-arm, The Light Tribe, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who not only joined our webinars, but contributed during them, got in touch afterwards and asked how they might be able to get involved in the future. Designers have an amazing ability to see beauty where others see none and we can do incredible things when we join together as a community. Our values were clear - Unify, inspire and educate.

One company you will likely also be familiar with who also shares these values (or if not then you should get to know!) are Light Collective: Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers. This year marks 10 years of Light Collective and we thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate the amazing things that have been achieved through their concept of “Collectivism”. 

As part of our mutual belief in the power of “collectivism”, we are co-hosting a webinar on 19th November at 11am, where we will look at all of the incredible things that they have achieved over the past decade. 

This hour-long webinar will explore beautiful photos, the questions of collectivism and welcomes the input of all attendees in the form of Q&A’s. After all, we can all achieve more as a collective….

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