Mental Health Awareness: Designers Mind

Added: 15/10/21

What is Designers Mind?

Founded by Kaye Preston, an Interior Designer with over 15 years of experience, as well as a WELL AP & Holistic Health Coach. Kaye is passionate about designing for wellbeing, AND the wellbeing of designers.

Kaye founded Designers Mind after her personal experience with burnout. Designers Mind works to change the mindset of the industry from lauding productivity above all else to prioritising wellbeing and recognising that these two things are interdependent.

We caught up with Kaye to talk about how design can support wellbeing including biophilic design, as well as how the particular challenges that designers face from imposter syndrome to decision fatigue, poor work life balance and failing to make space for the creative time designers actually need. 

We also discuss in depth the influence of Covid on our work and mental health culture.

World Health Awareness: Designers Mind from PHOS on Vimeo.

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This is the second in our Brighter Days Ahead Series for World Mental Health Day 2021. Last week we spoke to Dr Shelley James.
Next week we speak to artist Frankie Boyle.


Dr Shelley James

Lecturer at Royal College of Art

Dr Shelley James


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