Decoline Micro Surface

Decoline DL-6x12-S-FR is an extremely discreet surface- mounted, anodised aluminium linear lighting profile. Featuring a 6mm diffuser for homogenous lighting and at only 12mm high and 8mm wide, this razor thin straight line solution has been designed to provide discreet accent linear lighting in the narrowest of spaces. The profile has been engineered to frame our Decostrip Mini Nova 180.

Supplied in set lengths of 2 metres or bespoke lengths with PHOS's tailor-made service.

Note: this product can be recessed if routed professionally.

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Decoline Micro Surface



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Physical construction Materials-PROFILE: Anodised Aluminium DI FF USER: PM MA Clear Length - 2 metre standard lengths Width- 7.8 mm height -12 mm

Accepts DecoStrip MN180 Strip

Fittings/Installations: Extrusions can be fixed into place using countersink screws, straight into the extrusion. Or purchase fixing brackets that can be screwed/ nailed into place, and the extrusion then clipped onto them. 

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Decoline Micro Surface

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