Our Story

Phos is an evolution of 135 years of technical expertise, forward thinking creativity and precision engineering to form our architectural lighting company.

Our story is one of a multi generational family business , with enormous experience in the field of engineering passed down through each generation, taking a responsible approach to our business ethics and operations.

Most of all creating long term relationships with our clients , suppliers and friends.

Under our previous title we were known as Ecoled, formed in 2008 when LED lighting was still in its infancy. The company was initially aimed at capitalising on energy saving, as its name intimates. We repositioned our focus in 2013 on the architectural grade specification market, as architectural lighting suppliers.

We have uniquely been able to draw upon a century of materials expertise in metals and finishes to create our own superior product line , designed and manufactured here in the UK. We have built our lighting technology on the back of this knowledge, sharing a passion to create beautifully engineered and aesthetically crafted lighting instruments.

Our engineering team have spent nearly a decade finessing our LED lighting fixtures, producing never-before-seen miniature but powerful luminaires here in the UK, and launched the first  evolution of our Eyeconic range in 2014. We now have over 10 patents worldwide attached to our products and cutting edge technical expertise.

Both beautiful and functional, discreet and powerful, the range is the passion project of a team whole-heartedly dedicated to the medium of light, who are pushing the boundaries of traditional lighting manufacture. Having undergone a development in both product and core values, we decided a new, more representative brand name was necessary and launched, Phos.

We place a lot of emphasis on the provenance of our materials. These are the building blocks of our products. Our lighting instruments not only provide the performance necessary for their applications, they uniquely provide a lifestyle choice, distinctively bridging the gap between architectural luminaires and decorative light fittings, with an unbeatable selection of finishes, to fit in with any scheme, in any project. 

At the heart of our company is a passion for lighting and its significance in our world. Light is arguably the most influential force on how we perceive and connect with the world around us, but we often overlook the impact it has on us and the spaces we inhabit..

Together with Lighting Consultants, Architects and Interior Designers, we aim to challenge our target customers to rethink their decision making on the importance of their lighting, and the positive impact products such as ours can make to their homes or businesses.

As the lighting industry changes and evolves, we have changed ahead of it and in striving to innovate, Phos has been born.



Our Vision

To inspire a collective consciousness about the power of light

Our Mission

Enabling visionaries to realise their creative ambitions within illuminating spaces, by engineering a highly modular lighting design palette with unlimited finishing options.

Our Promise

To deliver beautifully hand-crafted and flawlessly finished luminaires 

Our Philosophy

As light fanatics, to us light is not a job, it is a way of life. We believe that lighting and architecture should work in complete harmony to evoke emotion and impact any space. It is this passion that lies at the heart of our company and our designs.  

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