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Eyeconics Win at [d]arc Awards

We are delighted to announce that last night our Eyeconic range of LED downlights won best “KIT Interior” at the prestigious [d]arc awards. The 2019 award ceremony took place at MC Motors in London and celebrated excellence in lighting design and was attended by industry professionals from all over the world. The extensive...

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The power of light to change your mind

We’re all familiar with the way that plants lean towards the light – and we tend to think of that leaning to the light as a metaphor. But turns out that this response is more than a figure of speech. The plant hormone auxin and the receptor TIR1 triggers ‘stretch’ or lengthening of cells on the side of the plant that is...

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A light touch: colour, surface, texture

Dr Shelley James, Age of Light Innovations Notes from Light Tribe Webinar with Phos, 6 May 2020 It’s impossible for a sighted person to conceive of a world without colour - it seems to be such a stable and ‘real’ dimension of experience that it’s hard to believe that it is entirely generated by our...

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