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How to Light a Gym?

How To: Light a Gym At Phos, we are fascinated by the power of light to affect human physiology and psychology. Gyms are spaces in which we challenge our bodies and test our mental endurance. They are also sanctuaries, rare places to dedicate time to thinking exclusively about our health and wellbeing. In such a critical space, the right...

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Have you ever seen the stars?

Artificial light is an essential part of our modern way of life. It underpins every part of our social infrastructure. Artificial light makes our hospitals workable throughout the year and night, our roads and transport system safe, our streets at night easier to navigate, and allowing us to have fulfilling and productive days throughout the year,...

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How Light Works: What causes the northern lights?

The arctic circle, illuminated in fairy blooms of green, blue and red, has always been a source of folklore and legend. But the physics and chemistry that explains the phenomenon is equally magic… The ribbons of coloured light we see is caused by electrically charged particles released by the sun, entering the Earth’s upper...

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