Flawless Finishing

Flawless Finishes

Finishing is at our roots. It's something we feel passionate about, and a process that can only be perfected through precision, experience and dedication, using specific grades of material.



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Inspiration Boards


We were delighted to collaborate with interior design studio Temza recently and asked them to choose from our range of flawless finishes to create an interior...


Studio Ashby

Studio Ashby is a London-based interior design studio, founded by Sophie Ashby in 2014. We are a dynamic group of twelve experienced designers, working across...

Studio Ashby


Elicyon is a multi-award-winning luxury interior design studio with a vision to create ‘exquisite interior couture’. Our ethos is to create...


SA | Design

SA|design is a studio based in central London run by Renata Sa. We practice both interior design and architecture.    What differentiates...

SA | Design

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