Wet Spray

Wet paint spraying is a process in which liquid paint is mixed and fed through an air gun using compressed air to atomise and direct the paint particles onto the object.

This method paved the way for the most interesting new finishes in our collection including specialty rusts and Verdigris patinas. They have all the rustic beauty of the natural oxidisation process but with none of the pitfalls.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Wet Paint Spraying: 



  • Can finish in a huge range of options,
  • Paint acts as an excellent protectant against the harsh elements or corrosion resistance, that can affect the aluminium substrate,
  • Textured specialist effects can be created,
  • Shiny metallic effects can be achieved
  • Colour and finish appearance may vary from different batches
  • Less durable vs powder coating


Whilst less durable than powder coating, wet spray offers versatile and specialist surface finishes that powder coating cannot. Examples offered in our range are aged copper, wet bronze and rust.

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