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Phos | Added: 04/04/24


In the realm of home renovation, decisions often extend beyond mere monetary considerations. It’s about trust, quality, and reliability. These sentiments echo through the words of one of our esteemed customer, Rick, who graciously shared insights into his journey with Phos.

It began with a desire to transition from the cosy confines of a 15th-century house to a modern abode. Encountering challenges typical of older homes— low ceilings, outdated wiring, and the absence of double glazing—the decision to embark on a complete rebuild seemed inevitable.

“We wished to downsize from our 15th-century house and having lived with low ceilings, no double glazing, old-fashioned wiring, we decided to try and go in a completely new contemporary style,”

Central to the success of this project was the partnership forged with Phos. It wasn’t just about purchasing fixtures; it was about securing a reliable partner committed to delivering on promises of quality products and unwavering support.

“What was helpful was whenever my electrician needed some advice on, shall we call it, this contemporary installation, he was able to phone our contact at Phos, and we got immediate advice on what to do”, Rick continues.

The pivotal moment arrived when envisioning the spatial layout of the new residence. Understanding the significance of lighting in defining ambience and functionality, we meticulously planned the placement of furniture. With Phos’s expertise in this area, we tailored lighting solutions to complement each designated space flawlessly.

In the realm of home renovation, the journey from concept to execution is often fraught with uncertainty. Yet, with trusted partners like Phos, it becomes a seamless transition from tradition to contemporary brilliance.

Despite the absence of furniture during the planning phase, the execution was flawless. “Everything is spot on”, highlighting the seamless integration of design and functionality.

The success of this project underscores the importance of foresight and collaboration. As Rick says, “It does help to know what you’re going to do. You’ve thought it through, and you’ve chalked it out. The lighting works perfectly”.

“We gave it to a professional. It’s as simple as that. There’s not more, there’s no downsides, there’s no regrets.”

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