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Added: 29/10/19

-Please introduce your practice


We are Temza, a design and build company based in London.


Our services are provided ‘all under one roof’ for residential and commercial projects across London. The company was founded by Sonia Pash and Pawel Sipta in 2012. Together they bring their passion for property and diverse expertise together to create Temza Design and Build. The focus of the company is maximising property potential through stunning design and uncompromising construction quality. 


- What differentiates you from other interior designers?


We provide complete solutions for various types of projects – regardless of scale or complexity. We deliver unique designs – tailored especially for the client’s needs. Our meticulous project management and attention to detail ensure projects are delivered on time and within the budget. We take a friendly and flexible approach to problem-solving, resulting in a hassle-free and enjoyable customer experience.


- What is your interior design philosophy?


Temza offers a comprehensive range of services within architectural and interior design. Starting with concept creation and spatial planning, we develop detailed technical drawings, specify material and finishes, design and source bespoke joinery and furniture and complete the project with a bespoke styling. We strive to provide happiness. If our clients aren't completely delighted, neither are we. We only use the best products sourced from our trusted suppliers. We are honoured Temza grew to become known as one of the friendliest and most reliable interior design and build companies in London. Happy clients are our badge of honour!           


- How would you describe a beautifully designed space?


A beautifully designed space is one that is both aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. There is no point in creating something that is pleasing to the eye but serves no purpose. Design for us is the perfect balance between our clients' vision and our professional view on the project.


A beautiful interior would be a collaboration of finishes and textures that complement each other rather than compete for attention. Furniture, fixtures and bespoke joinery should come with a reason and contribute to the established design concept. Finally, we believe that adding that special touch of personality is what makes an interior exceptional and unique.


- Why are the materials that you use so important?


The materials and finishes are what brings an empty canvas to life. They help you appreciate a space through all our senses -touch, sound, smell, even taste, allowing for a full experience of one's surroundings. For us, the quality of the materials is what makes all the difference. Yes, an exciting selection of quirky and fun materials and colours is essential, but it would mean nothing if it looks cheap or wears out quickly. That is why we use the best products sourced from our trusted suppliers.


- What are your favourite design trends currently?


At Temza we like to follow the latest design trends and are always searching for newly released furniture pieces or innovative materials. We do, however, aim to create timeless designs and would not specify something just because we have seen it all over Pinterest, for example. It is important to be aware of what is going on within the wider design world but filter out the best of the best for our clients.


- How do you use metallic finishes and textures in your designs?


We LOVE metallic finishes and use them in various, versatile ways, from joinery elements to light fittings. We believe they add a special touch to an interior. We are delighted to see that there is more and more use of different metallic finishes used in both commercial and residential projects. Our choice of finish often depends on the actual project itself. We have specified antique brass for very traditional style interiors, as well as crushed silver nickel, as a softer alternative to the classic chrome. Recently we've noticed the appearance of blackened bronze finishes, and we are excited to see what is next!


- How important is lighting within your projects?


It won’t come as a surprise when we say that lighting is crucial within most of our designs. You can achieve so much when choosing the right source of light. It helps set the mood and the desired look and atmosphere for a space. Different types of light fixtures work best for different purposes, from accent lighting to recessed lighting and joinery lighting, it all matters within our designs.


- Why is the finish of the architectural lighting in your design so crucial?


The finish of architectural lighting is one of the most important details, as it is an integral part of the building. It can be compared to a piece of jewellery. It can help to define the overall style of the building or interior. However, it can also spoil the interiors if chosen poorly. Carefully designed details are essential characteristics of quality architecture and should never be overlooked. For example, you wouldn't want a chrome finish for your light fittings if everything else in the interior is in warmer finishes like brass or nickel.


- What is your favourite metal finish and why?


We are not going to lie, we love brass. However, we see that its glory is slowly fading away. From the recent design exhibitions in Milan and Stockholm, we noticed a comeback of chrome and also the appearance of some blackened bronze finishes, which we are excited to see more of. We are designers, and we like to play with different colours and textures, therefore we cannot decide on one finish only. We love a challenge, and we are happy to experiment in order to impress our clients and enhance their spaces in the best possible way.






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