Phos webinar Registration: The Neuroscience of Light

Added: 24/03/20

In these unprecedented times, we are all reconnecting with what it is to be human. Our mission at Phos is “to inspire a collective consciousness about the power of light” and in these times of self-reflection and isolation, we have time to appreciate how important lighting is to our well-being and mental health.

With this in mind, we have been working with Dr Shelley James, a leading authority on the neuroscience of light, to discover how deeply light affects our lives. We are excited to introduce you to the first in a series of inspiring and educational webinars, with the first taking place at an amended time on Thursday 2nd April at 11am.

The first 3 topics covered in this series will be:

Chapter 1 – Light on Earth – 02.04.20 @ 11am

Chapter 2 – Colour and Optical Illusions – Date TBC

Chapter 3 – Surface, Texture and Colour – Date TBC

(Each chapter is around 20 mins with a Q and A at the end)

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested – light guides us all! #Lighttribe

Best wishes and stay safe….



James Cadisch

Development Director


Power of Light

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