DecoLine Wide (35mm x 35mm)

Product Overview

Decoline DL-W35-S-FR is a surface mounted versatile linear lighting anodised aluminium medium profile. Capable of being suspended, surface mounted, or recessed. At 35mm height and width, this linear solution, combined with our Nova linear LED series, has been designed for a range of applications. With the option to run one or two lengths of our Nova series alongside each other, the DL-W35-SFR has a variety of lumen possibilities. Available with frosted diffuser (DL-W35-S-FR) to produce an even spread of light.

Supplied in set lengths of 2 metres or bespoke lengths with Phos's tailor-made service.

Note: this product can be recessed if routed professionally.


Physical construction:

Materials: PROFILE: Anodised Aluminium / DIFFUSER: Frosted 

Length - 2 metre standard lengths

Width - 35mm 

Height - 35mm


Compatible DecoStrip: 

MN-60 / MN-120 / MN-180 / SN-60 / SN-120 / SN-180 / SN-240 / COB4 / COB8 / COB10 / HN-60 / HN-112 / TW-120 / TW-240 / SDW-120 / CN-60 / CN-96 / HE-240 / DTW-240



Extrusions can be fixed into place using countersink screws, straight into the extrusion. Or purchase fixing brackets that can be screwed/ nailed into place, and the extrusion then clipped onto them. 



End Cap: DL-W35-S-EC

Mounting Clip: DL-W35-S-MC

Suspension Wire: DL-W35-S-SW

Right Angle: DL-W35-S-RA

T-Piece: DL-W35-S-TP

Cross-Piece: DL-W35-S-CP

Straight Connectors: DL-W35-S-GSB

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DecoLine Wide (35mm x 35mm)

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