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Phos | Added: 15/02/22

Phos is an evolution of over 140 years of forward-thinking British engineering. We are proud to have crafted industry-leading components and machinery for British companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley and even the Royal Family. 5 generations later, the same family works with the same passion and enthusiasm to create completely modular and sustainable ranges of products that combines this rich hermitage of precision engineering with some of the most cutting edge LED technology in the world.

Almost all of our components of our multi award winning ranges are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. Our production facility is located just outside London, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK and nearly all of our components and finishing processes are produced within 50 miles from the factory. This enables us to uphold the very highest standards of quality control across our entire range.

Our local manufacturing ensures we support local businesses thus reducing delivery times, maintaining better control of our manufacturing process and reducing the carbon associated with delivery. Moreover, we have the ability to repair or adapt fittings after installation, ensuring we preserve the planet’s vital resources.

We have designed our fixtures to be completely modular so every single component can be disassembled from the full unit. This means we are able to repair, reuse, recycle and restore almost every element of all our products.

The majority of our products are produced using aluminium. Whilst the processing of aluminium requires energy, it is extremely recyclable. Re-smelting aluminium from recycled metal requires 5% of the energy originally used to produce aluminium. It is, in this respect, an ‘energy bank’ and the energy used to produce it does not disappear but is captured and stored. Aluminium can be infinitely recycled without losing any of its qualities meaning our products remain world-class but sustainable. About 70% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use.

The plastics used in our manufacturing process relate to cables, driver cases and certain lenses which can be fully recycled but constitute less than 1 % by weight of our production totals. We do not use any plastic packaging. In fact, we recycle incoming packaging using a state-of-the-art repurposing machine to protect outgoing items and re-use incoming ones.

We use some very small rubber components within our production process all of which again, can be fully recycled.

Being B-Corp accredited it is fundamental to the DFM (Design for Manufacture) process during any new product development or product improvement that we ensure the very maximum amount of recyclable material is utilised were possible. This is demonstrated by the fact that the only part of any product we manufacture that is not recyclable is the FR4 material in our PCBAs (making up just 0.8% of the manufacturing process), however the copper content of the PCB is recyclable, and it is said that just 10-15% of the energy required to mine and extract new copper is used in this recycling process.

Utilizing renewable materials is one of the main focuses of the design department and operations to ensure our environmental impact is minimised, whilst still maintaining a high quality and reliable product, demonstrated by our dedication to locally sourced and locally manufactured principles.


Production Area – 192M²

- Standard Resource Capacity = 2,500 fittings per week (130,000 fittings per year).

- Flexible Trained In-house Resource = 5,000 fittings per week (260,000 fittings per year).

- Flexible Trained External Resource = 10,000 per week (520,000 fittings per year).

Warehouse Area – 1072M³

- Note – Due to PHOS being a build to order business and working on a JIT supply chain methodology, warehousing space requirements are kept to a minimum.




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