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Phos | Added: 15/02/22

Phos is a family-run company that goes below the surface of just making lights. We are passionate about light as a vehicle for positive change and were shortlisted for “Best Non-Profit Organisation” at the Women in Lighting Awards owing to our hard work promoting light, sustainability and the amazing lighting designers in our industry.

Our research into Neuroscience and Biophilic design is now part of design courses at KLC School of Design and UCL London. This research drives our products with the aim of creating the most human-centric and sustainable fittings in the world.

Phos Accolades:

  • Winner of "Best Interior Kit" at 2019 Darc awards
  • "Highly commended" for LDA "Product of the Year" in 2021
  • Shortlisted for "Product of the Year" at 2020 FX awards
  • Runner up in “Best Interior Kit” at 2021 Darc awards
  • Shortlisted for 2021 FX awards
  • Winner Best Interior Kit” at Darc Awards 2022
  • “Light Tribe” shortlisted for “Best Non-Profit Organisation” - Women in Lighting Awards 2021

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