Repairs & Aftercare

Phos | Added: 14/07/22

Our production facility is located just outside London, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK and nearly all of our raw materials and components are produced within 50 miles of the factory. This enables us to uphold the very highest standards of quality control ensuring only the very best products reach your projects. This local manufacturing means we have the ability to repair or adapt fittings after installation, ensuring we preserve the planet’s vital resources.



Our product ranges have been meticulously designed to be completely modular, allowing for specific components to be replaced or repaired, so the whole unit doesn’t become redundant. If there are ever failures we are able to replace or repair individual components and recycle the faulty part where necessary.

Under normal circumstances, our products will last for a minimum of 50,000 hours @ LM80, around 20 years of domestic use. Statistically, less than 0.02% of our products have failed prior to this but in the unlikely event of a failure or if a product has been maltreated, we offer a full repair or replacement service for all products in current production.

Our products have less than 0.01% out-of-the-box failures and less than 0.72% lifetime guarantee failures. 87% of RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorisation) are repaired (recycled), rather than replaced.

Furthermore, we actively encourage you to send back any fittings that might become faulty. We will of course always look to repair the fixture, but if this is not possible, will actively disassemble all components that cannot be reused and recycle them effectively.

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